Yale University to add 'Museum of Trees' project to list of 'Engaged Projects'

Published: Sat, 25 Jul 2009

Dear DS Jaspal,

Thanks for letting us know about these websites. They look excellent!

We would be happy to add the Museum of Historic and Endangered Trees to the list of Engaged Projects listed on the website of the Forum on Religion and Ecology.


It would be wonderful if you could supply us with information so that an outline of your project would match other projects on the website. On the website, the engaged projects include these fields: an abstract, religion, geographic location, duration of project, history, mission statement, partner organizations, long-term goals, bibliography, additional research resources, and contact information.

Many thanks for your good work.

Warm wishes,
Sam & Elizabeth

Sam Mickey & Elizabeth McAnally
California Institute of Integral Studies Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale Web Content Managers & Newsletter Editors http://www.yale.edu/religionandecology

    " I am happy to learn about the project of "Museum of Trees" in Chandigarh and hope that your efforts are recoganized and acted upon not only in Chandigarh but throughout India and more."

- Amitabh Bachchan

    "The Museum of Trees is destined to become an international landmark."

- Nek Chand
Creator, Rock Garden
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