About Us

D S Jaspal
President, CNHS

Amanbir Singh
Secretary, CNHS

The CHANDIGARH NATURE & HEALTH SOCIETY (CNHS), an affiliate of Worldwide Fund for Nature, (WWF-INDIA) is a registered non-profit organization.

CNHS has been established with the objective of encouraging the wise use and conservation of natural resources by fostering public interest and education in the study, appreciation and enjoyment of nature and the achievement of a healthy lifestyle for the community through the integrated and holistic use of natural resources for recreation, relaxation and self healing.

The objects of the Society are:
  • To create a healthy community where Man coexists with Nature by popularizing the concept of natural living, natural eating and natural healing
  • To develop programs for individual, family and group participation in activities which encourage integrated and holistic use of natural resources for recreation, relaxation and healing in natural environment.
  • To conduct research, academic studies, seminars etc and publish their results
  • To undertake information, education and extension programmes through all means of communication including print, electronic, film, digital media

The CNHS has organised Exhibitions on nature & conservation, organised nature camps for children, distributed saplings.

    " I am happy to learn about the project of "Museum of Trees" in Chandigarh and hope that your efforts are recoganized and acted upon not only in Chandigarh but throughout India and more."

- Amitabh Bachchan

    "The Museum of Trees is destined to become an international landmark."

- Nek Chand
Creator, Rock Garden
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